Each customer has a personal manager who is ready to address their concerns
during the working days and whose main tasks include the following:

  • to arrange site management and maintenance activities;
  • to enter into agreements required for technical maintenance of real estate and
  • other real estate-related agreements on behalf of the customer;
  • to ensure underbidding for the purchase of services or goods;
  • to supervise repair works;
  • to ensure performance of the agreements signed by the customer for
  • the technical maintenance of the building;
  • to arrange one-time works required for object management upon prior agreement;


Boiler Plants and Heating Systems 

Control and configuration of gauges, automation devices, and pumps in boiler plants as well as cleaning of water and heating filters once a month;
Control and configuration of heating curves;
Visual inspection of distribution pipelines and upright pipes located in areas of common use as well as control of air escape cocks located in areas of common use once a month;
Suggestions for repair and maintenance works

Water and Sewer systems

Visual inspection of upright pipes, valves, and filters of distribution pipelines located in areas of common use;
Suggestions for repair and maintenance works as well as filter replacement

Electrical Systems

Control of power of electrical systems and order of management systems

Sprinkler Systems


A complete solution includes all the services required for carrying out maintenance, such as property management, maintenance works on properties and in buildings, technical maintenance of buildings and HVAC systems, management of repair works, cost analysis, etc.

Call us and ask our consultants for advice on how to ensure real estate maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, preserve, and prolong the life of real estate, etc.


Maintenance services include activities and works that aim at ensuring tcleanliness and maintenance of property at a socially accepted level as well as cleaning of outdoor and indoor areas ensuring their suitability for the owner and the user.

Maintenance services include the following steps:

  • daily cleaning of areas of loose and flying debris;
  • emptying of waste receptacles;
  • cleaning of bases of municipal waste containers and their surroundings areas (1 m);
  • hoisting the national flag in accordance with the applicable procedures;
  • daily cleaning of the front entrance to the building;
  • spring and summer lawn mowing as required;
  • autumn and winter leaf and snow cleaning from the stairs, roads, and areas located on the premises, if necessary, de-icing;


We provide the following accounting services:

  • preparation of general ledger with the exception of cash and payment advance reports;
  • invoicing monthly consumption of utilities and other mandatory payments as well as forwarding of invoices to the housing association members and third-party billing upon request of the housing association;
  • submission of tax return declarations to tax authorities;
  • preparation of annual reports (once a year);
  • supervision over incoming payments;
  • if necessary, representation of housing associations in tax authorities;
  • in the case of lease and/ or rental agreements, lessee/ tenant invoicing;
  • submission of invoices to banks;
  • calculation of wages and submission of declarations to tax authorities.


We provide the following legal services:

  • Apartment ownership;
  • Distribution of ownership in apartments;
  • Establishment of housing associations;
  • Reorganisation;
  • Debt collection;
  • Preparation of statements for expedited processing of payment order;
  • Legal consulting;
  • Legal documents (contracts, requirements, statements of claim, etc.)