Ako Eesti OÜ will be happy to carry out all special clean-up works that you know nothing about or simply cannot perform.
Special clean-up works require not only manual work, but also previous knowledge and special tools that the average user does not usually have at home or purchasing which is not reasonable. There are also works that we can do not advise to perform without special tools in terms of quality, personal safety, and safety of other people.
  • Post-construction clean-up works;
  • Cleaning and protection of floors;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of fabric furniture;
  • Leather furniture care;
  • Cleaning of concrete floors;
  • Removal of dust;
  • Cleaning and protection of sanitary surfaces;
  • Clean-up works after fires;
  • Emergency services, elimination of accident consequences;
  • Repair works;
  • Waste management;
  • Snow removal;
  • Oiling, polishing, and maintenance of wooden floors


The main aim of the clean-up works during construction and repair is removal of construction dust and debris.
As a result, it is possible to manage the construction works more effectively, and the area will be ready for subsequent use.
In addition to clean-up works during construction, we also offer debris collection services.
Clean-up works are carried out either manually using special tools or using special devices.

Cleaning of kitchen cabinets (inside and outside), cabinet surfaces, other surfaces, refrigerators (inside and outside), dishwashers and washing machines (inside and outside), sinks, removal of spider webs, etc.

Cleaning of all cabinets, wardrobes, nightstands, tables (inside and outside) and cabinet surfaces in living rooms and bedrooms. We remove all furniture from the room prior to carrying out the cleaning works.

Bathrooms: cleaning and disinfection of bathroom floors, cleaning and disinfection of toilets, cleaning of bathtubs, showers, and bathroom doors, cleaning of bathroom sinks and tiles, sweeping the shelves, cleaning of mirrors.


Window cleaning includes cleaning of window frames, gaskets, window sills, and window glass surfaces.
For window cleaning, we use special agents that ensure quick and proper results.
Regular cleaning of windows gives the building a finished look; moreover, accumulating dust and dirt do not pose a threat to human health as well as damage to window seals and frames. It is reasonable to perform window cleaning outdoors at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C - -5 °C.
We recommend that the windows be washed at least three times a year.

The price of window cleaning services depend on the following factors:
  • whether window cleaning requires a lifting platform, scaffolding, or permission to close a street/ road;
  • whether the windows are modern;
  • post-construction window cleaning


Ako Eesti OÜ carries out clean-up works after fires and smoke damage.
Clean-up works after fires require special knowledge to ensure successful elimination of damage. Soot damage that occurs during fires smears surfaces, and some of them, permanently. In such areas, it is required to use personal protective equipment for the protection of the respiratory system and the eyes. In addition to clean-up works,
we offer odour removal services.


We offer a variety of clean-up works after accidents: water, fire, storm, flood, different sources of dirt, etc.


Cleaning of stairwells include the following works:
  • Dry and wet cleaning of stairs, landings, hard floors, etc.;
  • Cleaning of stair cages and handrails of dust, stains, and other dirt;
  • Cleaning of window sills, radiators, mailboxes, and wall trunking of dust, dirt, etc.;
  • Baseboard cleaning;
  • Removal of spider webs;
  • Cleaning of walls of dirt and stains;
  • Cleaning of doors and their glass surfaces.


The main aim of post-construction and post-repair clean-up works is to provide clean sites to the customer. Clean-up works include removal of debris and dust. All surfaces are cleaned and protected where necessary.
Post-construction clean-up works should be planned in advance in order to achieve the desired end result.

The ABC of post-construction clean-up works:
  • Removal of construction debris and dust;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Cleaning of ventilation pipes;
  • Dusting the walls;
  • Cleaning of sanitary surfaces;
  • Cleaning and protection of tiled surfaces;
  • Cleaning and protection of floor surfaces;
  • Cleaning of radiators;
  • Cleaning of intermediate glass;
  • Cleaning of door sets;
  • Cleaning of garages;
  • Cleaning of technical premises


Façades are cleaned with brushes and pressure washers using cleaning agents that are pulverised directly on the façade. After that, dirt is removed, and the façade is rinsed using a pressure washer. The minimum temperature is +5 °C.
Carrying out façade cleaning works, a ladder, lifting platform, or scaffolding is used.


In addition to different flooring installation methods, it is important to know how to care for it. In the case of improper maintenance, the flooring may soon be covered in dirt and even be permanently damaged. It is important to have a user guide for the respective flooring material and its maintenance. In addition to the daily maintenance, floors also require periodic deep cleaning and proper material protection. Regular floor cleaning makes daily maintenance easier and faster. We advise to carry out thorough floor cleaning and maintenance at least twice a year. This will ensure longevity of floor coating.
We perform washing and maintenance works on the following floors:
  • Plastic floors;
  • Linoleum floors;
  • Cork flooring;
  • Rubber flooring;
  • Wooden floors;
  • Parquet floors;
  • Laminate flooring;
  • Fabric flooring (carpeted);
  • Stone flooring (natural stone);
  • Tiled floors;
  • Concrete floors;
  • Epoxy floors;
  • Street stones;
  • Asphalt


Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and office chairs.
Upholstered furniture includes fabric or leather sofas, armchairs, and other items. Deep cleaning of fabrics includes removing dirt with a soaking agent, brushing, and rinsing using a special machine for textile care. After treatment, the surface repels dirt and moisture.


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